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A few people have contacted me wondering about the lack of new content lately. As I mentioned a few posts back, there have been some major shake-ups in the personal side of things, with moving and now starting a new job eating up a huge chunk of my time at the moment. In addition, I spent the majority of the past month off training and getting hunting down new material for my research. While I have some fairly clear ideas on some things I want to write about, earlier this week I hit the jackpot and got a small (or maybe even medium) sized mountain of new material on top of what I obtained last month, so there is a lot of “data processing” going on, if you will, at the moment just organizing and getting a grip on what all I have now (much less actually go over it in detail). With that said I hope to have some new material ready sometime around the end of the month or beginning of the next. Until then!


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Information Overload

A few people may be wondering about the lack of updates in the past couple of months. A number of issues have popped up which have put Acme writing on the back burner for a while. The biggest issue is that my current contract at work will be finishing up in a couple of months and the search for a new job has been getting much of my attention for obvious reasons. Another major factor is that I currently in the middle of a major downpour of new information involving some serious work with our ryu’s densho (not to mention some new originals that will need to be worked through), which will be eating up the rest of my free time until spring. No complaints from me here, but there is simply so much new information getting dumped on me now that mentally processing it all will take a great deal of time. Anyways, I am hoping to getting back to a more regular update schedule sometime this spring, but I will try to get something up before then (no promises though).

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The Long Expected Return?

Well it has been probably 5 years or more since I took down the old Acme Bugei website. While there was some interesting stuff there, at the point I was at then I felt there really wasn’t much else for me to contribute at the time and I needed to focus on my training for a while. To be honest I still feel that way for the most part, but my sensei has been pushing for me to start writing again and I have had some ideas for things to write about floating around in my head lately so I suppose it is time to give the ole’ web thing another shot.

As with the original site, there will be a mix of budo related stuff, together with some stuff for family and friends back home. Blogging seems to fit the commentary nature of the original site better than a full on web page so we’ll see how this goes.

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