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Last year, we in Katayama-ryū began translating select sections out of Katayama-ryū’s Heishū Jirinden, a four volume series totaling over 600 written pages which explains in great detail the teachings contained in two of the school’s major scrolls. We finished the first volume in 2017 and here I am presenting all of the English translations for Volume 1 together. (The Japanese, English and Italian translations are available at http://katayama-ryu.org as well as this year’s continuing  work on Volume 2).

As most know, perfect translation is impossible. For this work eventually decided to do the translations as direct as possible, with as little commentary or “filling in the gaps” as I could. This may not lead to the smoothest reading experience in English, but it does give a touch more of the flavor of the original Japanese and encourages the reader to think and “read between the lines” more at what the author was trying to pass on.



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