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Random Thoughts on Succession Issues

By Rennis Buchner
Copyright © Rennis Buchner, 2014. Not to be used without permission

(This post is one I have been sitting on for awhile now and is a bit more “stream of consciousness” than other pieces I have posted. With that said, it has been sitting around doing nothing long enough so here it is.)

Among the numerous aspects of Japanese martial arts that confound and confuse the Western practitioner, the issue of succession in an art probably ranks near the top of list. This is no doubt in part because there is no one clear cut method of succession that covers all the Japanese arts. The idea most people have, even in Japan, is that either a family member or a top student will take over the art when the previous heads retires or passes on. While in some cases this is true, there are numerous variations on the theme of transmission.  (more…)


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