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Where’d All the New Posts Go?

As many of you have probably noticed, there hasn’t been much action here on Acme Bugei as of late. Reasons are numerous but mostly come down to the combination of being busy in everyday life and most of my attention in the budo realm being focused on trying to run my own group, working on material that I wouldn’t consider “public” knowledge as it were and starting a massive rewrite of my old “Adaptive Traditions” paper, which someday may end up as a book (most likely privately published. don’t ask when, I’d say at least ten years in the future considering the amount of material I have to work through, if I even go that route). With that said, I have a couple ideas floating around for Acme material, but it will still take awhile to get around to them.

Regarding new links, the Hoki-ryu Seiyokai address has changed to http://hokiryuseiyokai.com/

Also Araki-ryu Gunyo Kogusoku training is now available in the UK, being run under a long time friend. Check them out at http://arakiryugunyokogusoku.wordpress.com/ if you are in the area.


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