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A few people have contacted me wondering about the lack of new content lately. As I mentioned a few posts back, there have been some major shake-ups in the personal side of things, with moving and now starting a new job eating up a huge chunk of my time at the moment. In addition, I spent the majority of the past month off training and getting hunting down new material for my research. While I have some fairly clear ideas on some things I want to write about, earlier this week I hit the jackpot and got a small (or maybe even medium) sized mountain of new material on top of what I obtained last month, so there is a lot of “data processing” going on, if you will, at the moment just organizing and getting a grip on what all I have now (much less actually go over it in detail). With that said I hope to have some new material ready sometime around the end of the month or beginning of the next. Until then!


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