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Information Overload

A few people may be wondering about the lack of updates in the past couple of months. A number of issues have popped up which have put Acme writing on the back burner for a while. The biggest issue is that my current contract at work will be finishing up in a couple of months and the search for a new job has been getting much of my attention for obvious reasons. Another major factor is that I currently in the middle of a major downpour of new information involving some serious work with our ryu’s densho (not to mention some new originals that will need to be worked through), which will be eating up the rest of my free time until spring. No complaints from me here, but there is simply so much new information getting dumped on me now that mentally processing it all will take a great deal of time. Anyways, I am hoping to getting back to a more regular update schedule sometime this spring, but I will try to get something up before then (no promises though).


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