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While surfing through Google I stumbled a across forum where someone had posted a piece I had done not long after my arrival in Japan for university back in 1998 on the original Acme Bugei webpage. As most of the content from the original site is lost I figured I’d repost this oldie but goodie (?). It is interesting how much things have changed (and haven’t changed at the same time) since I wrote this way back when. Needless to say I would probably approach this piece in a very different way if I was writing it today (even if my views have not changed all that much on the subject), but here it is in its original unaltered form. (Has it really been 11 years since I wrote this? and why exactly was I so worked up about this?)
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How Full is Your Plate? (Or “Know When To Say When”)
By Rennis Buchner
Copyright © Rennis Buchner, 2009. Not to be used without permission

Probably most of us doing koryu know the feeling. Through whatever circumstances you have ended up in a situation where you have begun your training in a traditional ryuha. It is interesting, educational, challenging, frustrating, the list goes on and on. Wanting to learn more about your tradition you look around for books and search the net for more information. Depending on the tradition you are involved in, you may find much or little there. At some point you decide you should learn more about the historical and cultural context of times the your chosen ryuha developed, so you start looking into Japanese history. (more…)

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